Exercises To Get Rid of Belly Fat

This is the time of year when most people either set goals or renew their goals to get healthy.  Of course, most will use their weight as a measure of their health.  While their are countless studies that show a proper weight leads to a better quality of life, the fact remains it is HARD to get to or maintain an ideal healthy weight.  Everything in our society conspires against our goals to be healthy, which means that to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight is not a daily battle, but a minute to minute and hour to hour battle.  
Weight loss requires planning, commitment and hard work.  I know that sounds generic, but unless you approach health like you would any other significant project, you are doomed to fail.  But, if you are willing and put your heart into it, then you can health is yours for the taking.
There are millions of weight loss exercise programs out there.  Some are good and some are downright awful.  
What I want to do here is provide a quick 2 exercise program that I guarantee will make you sweat and shed fat.  This program is not easy, you will sweat.  This program is a full body workout.  

The Martin Clinic 2 exercise program to shed belly fat.

The following two exercises should be done as follows.  First do 15 reps of the first exercise followed by 15 reps of the second exercise.  As soon as you are able, do 14 of each, then 13...all the way down to 1 rep of each exercise.  If you are new to exercising (talk to your doctor) start with 8 -10 reps and work your way down to 1 from there.  The nice thing about this program is that you are done in 20 minutes.

1. Clean and press.  Start with light weights, we are going for high intensity training.  I prefer kettlebells, which you can buy almost anywhere.

2. Push ups.  if you have bad wrists, use the stairs or push up bars.

Now, when it comes to diet, most people are confused.  should you cut out carbs, decrease fat, eat less meat?  My simple dietary solution is not revolutionary, but effective.  CUT OUT SUGAR. Look at the foods you eat, they are laced with sugar.  Simply avoiding sugar (using maple syrup or honey for cooking) is an easy way to help the weight fly off.

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